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Art Classes

Ricky Burnett is an arts teacher, painter and curator who has been training artists since 1973. His work has been featured in exhibitions at notable galleries and museums - including Gallery 2, Smac, and Everard Read/CIRCA, as well as spaces in London and Germany.

Art Classes in studio

Art Classes

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Students in the studio


Ricky nominates students to host exhibitions in the studio space on the premises. Click here to view the exhibition archive.

Painting at the studio

At the Studio

Read what our students have to say about their process.

About Ricky Burnett

About Ricky Burnett

As a working artist Ricky is directly connected to the questions and issues that constantly arise. He believes that:

'My task is to assist students to find elements of their uniqueness and to develop strategies which might reveal and consolidate this uniqueness. Good work is authentic work and rewarding, even if it is hard won.' 


Studio Chats

Get to know our students through our series of short videos: ‘Overheard at art class”

Access your creativity

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