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Have a good look at some of the work generated in our classes. Once a month Ricky nominates a student to host an exhibition in the studio space on the premises. Current and past exhibitions posted here.

Painting by Douglas


For me, painting is a nonverbal response to visual experiences that interest and delight me...

Painting by Adriaan


I find my paintings just evolve. I start off with references; garden shrubs, is based on ballet dancers...

Painting by Marcia


I never want to use a reference but rather to paint what wells up in me. There was a breakthrough when I changed to from oil to acrylic paint...

Painting by Renee


In this exhibition, the concept of my work is based on Yugen, the traditional philosophy of Japan...

Photograph by Emilie


I work with different media including oil painting. In this series of portraits, I wanted to picture the search for identity & sense of belonging in young people. 

artwork by Rosemarie


In my work I explore the possibilities of the medium, creating a tactile surface in which... 



I have never used dark colours before, especially not in the black ranges, so ...


Having lived in the same house my whole life, I have seen the world through red cottage-pane windows. 



In this work, my Floating series,  I have tried to capture the feeling of abandonment I know so well....



I've found a home in art where I can withdraw, be myself and express myself.



I  am in love with the shiver that my colours give where they meet together, fighting furiously against each other.....

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